Life Right

The Life Right scheme entitles Villagers the exclusive use of a unit during their lifetime, dependent on health.

On termination of the right of occupation (either by death or by leaving the village) and subsequent resale, they, or their estate, will receive the amount originally paid for the unit as well as any additional improvements of a permanent nature such as carports, patio enclosures, etc. Only amounts approved by the Pinewood Trust will be included as "extras" and will be added to the value of the Life Right on resale. Should a Villager move to Aloe Close, Pinewood's assisted-living facility, they would be entitled to receive back a portion of the amount paid for the original Life Right. This amount is calculated as the original cost less the cost of the Life Right in Aloe Close.


Pinewood Village has:
  • 202 independent-living cottages (1,2 or 3 bed units) each with a single garage
  • 30 assisted-living units (for existing residents who qualify for this facility)
  • 12 frail-care units (for existing residents who qualify for this facility)

Ownership of Pinewood Village

The land on which Pinewood Village is built is owned by the University of Cape Town. In 1993, the University entered into a 99-year lease agreement with the Pinewood Trust which controls the sales and maintenance of the buildings.

Who manages Pinewood Village?

Pinewood Village has a governance structure which divides management responsibilities between the Management Association (which has as its members all residents of the Village) and the Trust (which has members appointed by the University of Cape Town and the Management Association).

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