Waiting List for Purchase of Life Rights

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The Pinewood Trust closed the waiting list at the end of December 2014, when the number of applications exceeded, by a substantial margin, the number of independent living units becoming available.

The waiting list was reopened in February 2017 with amended policies and procedures applicable to all applications from that date. These have been further refined and are applicable to all new applications.


The application system is now electronic. The process is systemic and moves applicants in a step-by-step way through the completion of the application form. The system will reject applications at various steps, if specific criteria are not satisfied.

A summary, which includes most of the main aspects of the application system, is given below:

  1. A non-refundable application fee of R5 000 must be paid before an application is finally accepted. The date on which payment is received by the Pinewood Trust will be taken as the application date. This application fee will not be deducted from the purchase price of the Life Right when an applicant is admitted to Pinewood Village. Please note that completion of the application form and payment of the application fee does not guarantee that a person will be offered a Life Right.
  2. Applications may be submitted by (a) a single person or (b) two persons who intend to share the right of occupancy to an independent-living unit in Pinewood Village
  3. An application from a single person will not be accepted if he/she will be 80 or older in the target year chosen (the year in which they hope to enter Pinewood Village) when the application is submitted.
  4. An application from two persons will not be accepted if one or both will be 80 or older in the target year chosen (the year in which they hope to enter Pinewood Village) when the application is submitted.
  5. The application system holds a minimum target year value, as determined by the Pinewood Trust which will be reviewed annually. Applicants must include a clear numerical target year (the year in which they hope to enter Pinewood Village) on their application forms. This may not be less than the minimum target year in force at the time of the application. Note that your chosen target date does not guarantee that you will be offered a unit in that year. An attempt to enter a target year earlier than the minimum target year will be rejected by the system. You are not permitted to change your target year to any year earlier than the minimum target year which was in force when you applied. You are permitted to change your target year to any later year, provided you are still under the age of 80 in the amended target year.
  6. Applications from single persons will become invalid if no offer has been made to, or accepted by them, by the year in which they turn 80. Joint applications may become invalid if no offer has been made to, or accepted by them, by the year in which either one of the applicants turns 80.
  7. Applicants may request amendments to the details of their applications by sending an email to . Changes may include (a) amendments to target dates (provided these conform to 5 above), and (b) limited corrections or additions to personal details.

A basic principle of the Pinewood Trust is that all decisions on the offer of a Life Right must be based on (a) the date on which an application became valid, and (b) the independent living capability assessment of the applicants. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether applicants are likely to live for at least five years in an independent-living unit. If the conclusion reached by the assessment is that an applicant may require additional care in the form of assisted-living within five years, then a Life Right offer will not be made to that applicant

When independent living units become available, a list of applicants with a target date up to 2 years later than the year that the unit is available is extracted from the system. Applicants are ranked by their confirmed application date. Applicants at the top of the waiting list for the unit size available will be invited to view the unit(s) available.

If applicants express an interest in purchasing the Life Right to a unit which they have viewed, they will be required, as the next step, to undergo an independent living capability assessment. This will be based (a) on reports prepared by the applicants' doctors, (b) on the Department of Social Developmentā€™s DQ98 form prepared by a Social Worker, (c) on other reports which the Village's health care department may require, and (d) on interviews and discussions with applicants.


If the independent living capability assessment(s) is satisfactory, the applicant(s) will be invited to confirm the purchase by signing a Life Right Deed of Sale. The Deed of Sale sets out the deposit to be paid, conditions for the payment of the balance of the purchase price, the occupation dates as well as other contractual commitments.

When the Deed of Sale has been signed and the required deposit has been paid, planning for the refurbishment of the unit will begin under the direction of the Village's project and maintenance department.

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